One Click ACCA Study Material

One Click ACCA Study Material

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*     LSBF Notes are Here 2011 :  
*     BPP Study Texts

*     BPP Revision Kits

*     Kaplan Study Material

*     Emile Woolf Study Material

*     BPP Course Notes

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*     Download ACCA Emily Woolf Books 2010 of F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6,P7 subjects::

ACCA Study Texts Kaplan | 2010 | PDF
Kaplan Publishing is an ACCA ALP-c (Gold) publisher. This means that our ACCA study texts are approved by the ACCA, ensuring that they are as relevant as possible to the exam.
Our student-friendly ACCA Complete Texts:

Download F1-Accountant_in_Business-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf F2-Management_Accounting-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf F3-Financial_Accounting_(Int.)-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf F4_Corporate_and_Business_Law_(Eng.)-Essential_Text_Kaplan.pdf F5-Performance_Management-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf F7-Financial_Reporting_(Int.)-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf F7-Financial_Reporting_(UK)-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf F8-Audit_and_Assurance_(Int.)-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf F8-Audit_and_Assurance_(UK)-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf F9-Financial_Management-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf P1-Professional_Accountant-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf P2-Corporate_Reporting_(Int.)-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf P2-Corporate_Reporting_(UK)-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf P3-Business_Analysis-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf P4-Advanced_Financial_Management-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf P5-Advanced_Performance_Management-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf P7-Advanced_Audit_and_Assurance_(Int.)-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf P7-Advanced_Audit_and_Assurance_(UK)-Essential_Text-Kaplan.pdf Kaplan ACCA Pocket Notes | 2011 | PDF | Special Features summarise key points as simply as possible, packed with exam focus points to give you relevant hints and tips, examples, diagrams and tables to illustrate the text Published Dec 2010
  • Fundamentals Level
ü      F1      Accounting in Business ü      F2      Management Accounting ü      F3      Financial Accounting (Int) ü      F4      Corporate and Business Law ü      F5      Performance Management ü      F6      Taxation TX(FA 07) ü      F7      Financial Reporting ü      F8     Audit and Assurance (Int) ü      F9     Financial Management
  • Professional Level
ü      P1      Professional Accountant  ü      P2      Corporate Reporting (Int) ü      P3      Business Analysis ü      P6      Advanced Taxation TX(FA07)  
  • Kaplan ACCA Final Assessment Questions F1 - P7 | 2011 | PDF Download :
  • ACCA Revision Kits BPP| F1 - P2 | 2010 | PDF
Guidance on the best strategies for revising and passing exams.Pilot papers and relevant recent exam questions with official examiners' answers Download :
  • o       F1-Accountant in Business-Revision Kit-BPP  
  • o       F2-Management Accounting-Revision Kit-BPP  
  • o       F3-Financial Accounting (Int.)-Revision Kit-BPP  
  • o       F4-Corporate and Business Law (Global)-Revision Kit
  • o       F4-Corporate and Business Law (ENG)-Revision Kit
  • o       F5 Performance Management-Revision Kit-BPP  
  • o       F6-Taxation UK (FA09)-Revision Kit-BPP
  • o       F6-Taxation PK (FA09)-Revision Kit-BPP  
  • o       F7-Financial Reporting (Int.)-Revision Kit-BPP  
  • F8 Audit and Assurance (Int.)-Revision Kit-BPP
  • F9-Financial_Management Revision_Kit-BPP
  • P2-Corporate Reporting
  • 2011 version : **************  
  • ACCA i-Pass BPP
BPP i-Pass is designed to: Test your knowledge and identify areas for further study Download :  F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F7 F9 P1

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